12th International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial DLP® Technology Applications

The 12th International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial TI DLP® Technology Applications will be held at Congress Park CPH in Hanau (near Frankfurt, Germany) on November 9, 2017.

The DLP Symposium is the established platform that aims to promote the dialogue and discussion between engineers, researchers, users and manufacturers/distributors in the field of innovative advanced light control optical solutions that can serve new markets.

The event is jointly organized by OpSys Project Consulting and the photonics innovation network Optence e.V.

The event is supported by the Gold Sponsor Texas Instruments and the Silver Sponsors In-Vision Digital Imaging GmbH and Visitech Engineering GmbH.


Program and Schedule

09:30 h      Welcome by Organizers
09:35 h      Key Note - TI DLP® Products Enabling Innovation Dave Duncan, Texas Instruments 

Applications Session
10:05 h      DLP + Laser: A throughput improved lithography based Additive Manu-facturing Technologies (AMT) system with hybrid exposure concept                              Bernhard Busetti, Technical University Vienna
10:30 h      DLP-based smart confocal microscopy, Paolo Pozzi, Delft Technical University
10:55 h      Coffee break
11:25 h     Grayscale programmable CGH on photochromic material using DMD as a multi-mask generator, Frederic Zamkotsian, Université d´Aix-Marseille
11:50 h      High-resolution headlamps with DLP technology,  Marvin Knöchelmann, Leibniz-University Hanover
12:15 h      HDR projection system for simulator applications, E. Geissler, Carl Zeiss AG
12:40 h      Lunch break
14:00 h       "Single Pixel" Imaging and its application in beam profile analysis                   T. Mohr, Technical University Darmstadt
14:25 h      Structured Light 3D in Confined Spaces, Steffen Matthias, Leibniz University Hanover  
Technology session  

14.50 h      Optical concept for Stage Lighting using DLP technology Johnny Sheng, Texas Instruments
15:20 h      Coffee break
15:50 h      Customized test equipment for high-end DLP-based projection systems B. Lutzer, In-Vision GmbH
How should an application FPGA look like Josko Orlovic, In-Vision GmbH  
16:25 h      From fine-line lithography to micro 3D print - M. Friedemann, Visitech Engineering GmbH  
16:45 h      Fibre-coupled, multispectral projection system based on DLP® technology, Maximilian Dicenta, Primelite GmbH  
17:05 h      LED´s sail into a brighter future in etendue limited applications                   Marco Maenner, Philips Lighting  
17:15 h      Closing words and end of event, Alfred Jacobsen, OpSys Project Consulting              

Moderation:          Alfred Jacobsen, OpSys Project Consulting



09.11.17 09:30–17:30


Congress Park Hanau
Schlossplatz 1, 63450 Hanau, Deutschland


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