Online seminar: „Basics of Optical Measuring Techniques“

Optence likes to launch a webinar series regarding optical measurement techniques. We want to discuss how various optical instruments like interferometers or microscopes for example work to operate 3d surface measurements. To understand how all this works, we start with a brief introduction why light is so beautiful doing 3d surface measurements.

All online seminars are held in English.

In the first online seminar „Basics of Optical Measuring Techniques“ we will discuss the basic concepts of optics:

  • Refraction and geometrical optics
  • Optical imaging and aberrations
  • Wave optics
  • Interference
  • Diffraction
  • Resolution limit of optical instruments
  • Polarization

The lecturer Prof. Dr. Thomas Sure from the TH Mittelhessen teaches and researches mainly in the field of optical measurement technology and optics design. Before that he headed the Department of Optics Technology Development at Leica Microsystems in Wetzlar.

The online seminar is set up on the edudip platform. Please use the possibility to register via this website. After registration on you get an invitation to register on the edudip platform via e-mail.

System requirements:

To fully participate in the online seminar, you will need a PC with internet, sound and microphone (optional, chat for written comments is also available). A camera is also not necessary, but can also be activated.



28.11.18 17:00–18:00


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Prof. Dr. Thomas Sure, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen


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